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Contract undertake to overfulfil the annual aim

Date:2015-11-16 09:20:12

  By the end of October, the company contract undertake to complete the plan index of 102.98%, up 88.7% from a year earlier. According to the four management functions in the contract and understand the information, to the end of the contract to undertake to overfulfil the annual target.

   Although the company's overall contract situation is gratifying, but part of the civilian goods contract this year has certain downward pressure, especially noodles machine, the contract situation is grim, in order to complete the annual target tasks, the management department is still in the advantage to the company product publicity, optimize the old customers, develop new customers, to undertake a new contract, make sure to fight to achieve "twelfth five-year" complete MSC, firm steps towards "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in".

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