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The company's new employees on behalf of the symposium documentary

Date:2015-11-30 09:22:13

  New employees to understand and master the technical line of thought tendency and related requirements, to help new employees into the company, quick growing up quickly, for the company to further introduce talents, stabilize talents, use talents to provide effective information support, late on September 1, the human resources department organization in the past two years technical line, the representatives of new employees, mr.wong deputy the total teacher li, liu's assistant, assistant of the dragon, took part in the discussion. Conference, on behalf of the new staff from the company's new employee training way, work and life situation, income and distribution, the main difficulty of examination and etc, were eager to speak, to ask questions at the same time also put forward some good ideas and Suggestions, for new employees on behalf of the company leadership put forward the idea of Suggestions have responded positively, has made arrangements for deployment.
  One, most of the new employee representatives for the company's new employees training way more recognition, think professional training scheme formulated, t DaiTu and follow up the project team training mode has its advantages, but there are some aspects to be improved, mainly displays in:
  (a) in the aspect of scientific research projects and products of the company lack of systematic training for new employees, new employees work on product model is misplaced.
  , mr.wong requirements in addition to the human resources department to arrange training, research and development department will according to the actual situation combined with physical organize new employees to product model, the process structure related training, enhance the effectiveness of the training.
  (2) of the company to relevant professional knowledge training is less, for the new employees understand the related information provided by the channel is not enough, suggested by collecting the latest information, the organization to attend the exhibition, to the relevant manufacturers, institutes study means such as communication, to help new employees understand professional or industry development trends, improve the level of professional and technical; Who DaiTu although form is good, but systemic is not strong, the growth of the apprentice and master the ability to have relationship, responsibility, teaching method, has the individuality, suggested by focusing on professional training for teaching way, also can through the establishment of the platform, the core part of the fixed, establishing the peripheral platform, its benefit is a save time and effort, 2 it is easier for new employees to understand and apply.
  Regarding this, liu's assistant Suggestions combining with the characteristics of the company's professional and existing products centrally, invite relevant professional experts to compile training materials, gradually improve the company's training system.
  (3) to the company office work flow training is not enough, when they work for don't know the specific process of eps detour, proposed by increasing the training or to guide the new hires "and so on to help enhance the understanding to the company all aspects of the new employees.
  To this, mr.wong request hr to start thinking about, collect related material and prepare the instruction manual of the new hires.
  (4) training workshop internship base is given priority to with watching, little actual hands-on opportunities, hope to be able to increase the actual hands-on opportunities.
  To this, the human resources department according to the actual circumstance of company cultivate employees' ability.
  2nd, the new employees from the Angle of this position and professional company research and development, technology, production efficiency, equipment improvement, expressed own view, and put forward some reference Suggestions.
  (a) assembly process of continuous improvement
  Liu's assistant, said assembly process have been a weak link in company, the company is becoming more and more feel the importance of the assembly process, think design - technology - is a full-bodied, a ring by ring, must be inside. Hope the new technology personnel to do some more work in this aspect, swallow the company's "short board" in this regard.
  (2) the older part of the company equipment, automation degree is not high, part of the testing technology and means are lacking, suggested that the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology for further improvement; Process theory to master is not very clear, the experiment condition is still lacking, suggested by understanding industry benchmarking, relying on the production to do something new.
  Liu's assistant to encourage the staff assumed the role of process planning, bring up good ideas and put them into practice, not to be restricted by the traditional process of, should dare to think, dare to try, to dare to do, dare to innovation, constantly improve the technological level of the company and work efficiency.
  (3) the optical fiber hydrophone is the inevitable trend of technology development, but at present, the company the development of the optical fiber hydrophone in a primary stage, hope the company in the future to self development and production of fiber optic hydrophone, fill the blank of the company in this regard.
  Mr.wong and liu's assistant said the company will make every effort to create conditions platform and support the development of the subject, hope to be able to make achievements as soon as possible.
  Three, for an individual's ability to ascend, most of the new employee representatives agree that should be kept from professional fields to promote myself, there are some employees are put forward their own professional development.
  Liu's assistant requires each new member to from their own jobs, based on the task, constantly improve the professional technology level, solid foundation, the task in hand the technology needed to learn, learn, and constantly extend professional technology domain, for every new employee professional development direction of the company can also according to the characteristics of each new employee and work needs to be addressed, the purpose is not only conducive to the development of the company, and employee development, achieve a win-win situation.
  Four, for assessment of income and distribution, most of the new employee representatives think income and distribution is reasonable, hope to match the cost income, fully embodies the value of the individual.
  Mr.wong said the company adhere to the principle of the allocation of work more, and employee job performance, while fully investigate employee job performance, ensure the income level of employees.
  Five, most of the new employee representatives think working atmosphere is very good, can adapt to living environment. Some employees also mentioned the problems of the housing, meal, activities, etc, all leaders were related to explain and arrangement. Mainly displays in:
  (a) less communication between the employees and communication, lack of certain platform, the company should have more activities to strengthen the mutual understanding between employees, but also can promote team spirit.
  Mr.wong suggest that the human resources department in conjunction with the youth corps committee can conduct all kinds of activities, enrich staff amateur life, for each year to carry out the activities have a certain plan, in the safe at the same time ensure that the activities carried out orderly.
  (2) the company's website information update slowly, the content is not rich, want to be able to constantly improve and update the website information; Baidu encyclopedia card introduction of company information is not very comprehensive, hope the company can take a certain way.
  Liu's assistant made explanation, points out this work is to promote the company's web site is to conduct a comprehensive revision, will to launch a new web page in the near future.
  Mr.wong, liu's assistant, assistant of the dragons were summarized. Mr.wong for the discussion new employees on behalf of the speech was gratified, the experience and points out that everyone is talking about work idea and the suggestion, rarely talked about their own difficulties, that you heart is firm, the heart work, also hope that we can work together to get the job done.

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