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The ship group eight days to complete four nodes

Date:2015-8-14 09:22:57

  On July 23, taiping ship group for Singapore shipping 9 of 3900 teu container ship named "shun city" growing on the same day, 180000 tons of bulk carrier ship 43 in slipway launching smoothly; On July 22, for shandong LAN bridge group built 300000 tons 65 ship ignition starts; On July 16, built for cimc financing lease and Mediterranean shipping of 8800 teu container ship 3 ", the Mediterranean morin, "named after completion. Eight days to complete the four nodes, the ship group shipbuilding production, lay solid foundation for the overall in the second half of the production task goal.
  Due to the tight 9 3900 teu container ship, the node density, in order to ensure the timely implementation of the various nodes, the ship ship group firmly implement management in place, the concept of construction in place, with precision management as the breakthrough point, strictly control the total set of positioning accuracy, reduce the total portfolio approach seam shaping rate; In quality control to ensure progress, optimize the guidance document, perfecting the responsibility system for the quality of grids, confirmation and on-site supervision mechanism, organization construction personnel into the scene, strict monitoring of hull, rudder system piping welding quality, host shaft construction quality, present the progress and improve the qualified rate; With innovation can bring efficiency, using the new method for the dock before binding bridge installed created prerequisites; In active as a target, underwater stage, formulate corresponding plans and measures, successively completed generator, boiler, host, mooring and other major nodes, achieve orderly production plan, resource distribution.
  At 43, 180000 tons of bulk carrier ship production, the ship group stage integrity as the goal orientation, refining the specialized ship small nodes, scheduling plan in the water, underwater, cabin section of the total set of integrity is the first ship have soared. To improve the efficiency of crane hoisting, in view of the same type ship all subsection hoisting process records, summary, analysis, and put forward the improvement measures, the number 43 ship hoisting efficiency than 42 year-on-year increase of 13%. By improving the method, with the implementation of the hatch coaming total set of integral lifting, received good effect, can reduce the time of the ship folded, 3 days, the average compression cycle for the total set of hatch coaming levelness adjustment create favorable conditions.

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