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CSIC Haisheng Technology Co., Ltd.Recruitment brochure

Date:2015-11-30 09:28:24

  The Chinese heavy sea sound technology co., LTD. (state-owned DiLiuYiEr factory), belonging to China shipbuilding industry corporation, is located in the national civilized city, national sanitary city, the world of hydropower, excellent tourism city - yichang, hubei province, is specialized is engaged in the underwater acoustic electronic equipment development, production of the national key supporting enterprises.
  Company after more than 40 years of development, in the water, electrical and electronic countermeasures, transducer, piezoelectric ceramics, the special power supply, ultrasonic equipment, cleaning equipment, wind power brake, manufacture complete sets of equipment, glass fiber reinforced plastic products and machinery manufacturing and other professional fields, with independent research and development and production capacity, many scientific research and technology projects won national, provincial (ministry) level scientific and technological progress, and assume a number of national key pre-research project, is a collection of high-end technology research and development and high precision production and processing capacity of national high and new technology enterprise.
  Company is the national environmental protection advanced enterprise, best civilized unit, provincial enterprise technology center in hubei province.
  Companies adhering to the people-oriented, education first, a major talent concept of choose and employ persons, have specification of labor employment system and the good work, living environment, we sincerely look forward to acoustic, electronic, computer, electronic materials, chemical industry, machinery and other professional, past university graduates to join the sea company, provide platform for talent, achievement you dream, you and the company growth and development together.
  Hiring and requirements
  Position: acoustic design
  1, acoustic electronic engineering, acoustic engineering, applied physics or related specialty;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, acoustics, acoustic measurement, acoustic transducer design technology, analog electronic circuit, vibration and sound basis, computer programming and related knowledge.
  Position: electronic circuit design
  Against 1, electronic information engineering, information technology, communications engineering, electronic science and technology, optical information processing, circuits and systems and other related professional;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, with digital circuits, analog circuits, circuit analysis, signal and system, microcomputer principle and interface technology, C language and Matlab programming, communication principle, single-chip microcomputer principle and technology, computer network, the FPGA and related knowledge.
  Position: the control system design
  1, automatic control and detection guidance and control technology, measurement and control technology and instrument, control theory and control engineering;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, have an electrician and electronic technology, mechanical drawing, mechanical design basis, electrical control and PLC and single-chip microcomputer principle and interface technology, mechanical and electrical integration of system design, C language programming, Matlab programming, analog circuits and digital circuits and related knowledge.
  Position: the information processing
  1, acoustic, radar, communication, electronic information engineering, applied mathematics, applied physics or related specialty;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, with digital signal processing, random signal analysis and processing, modern signal processing theory, signal detection, calculation methods, computer principle, computer programming (C language and Matlab programming), and other related knowledge.
  Position: structure design
  1, mechanical manufacture and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, shipping and Marine engineering;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, engineering mechanics, mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, electronic equipment thermal control technology, electromagnetic compatibility design, and the impact of the electronic equipment structure vibration control technology, electronic equipment structure design principle of design and manufacture, ship and Marine structures based, fluid mechanics, Marine engineering, Marine engineering environment and related knowledge, master 1-2 kinds of finite element analysis software.
  Position: the design of embedded development
  1, computer science and technology, software engineering or related major;
  2, 985, 211, go university bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, circuit analysis, digital system design, data structure, high level language program design, algorithm analysis and design, compile principle, introduction to database system, software process, system analysis and design, software technology certification, Java technology, embedded system, embedded operating system structure and design and related knowledge.
  Post: the transducer technology
  1, high polymer material and engineering;
  2, the bachelor degree or above, fresh graduate;
  3, physical chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, polymer rheology, polymer molding process, principle of polymer processing, polymer materials research methods and related knowledge.
  Address: 25 development in yichang of hubei avenue
  Zip code: 443005
  Fax: 0717-6320500
  Contact: yellow Xu Jing, Wei Guofan
  Telephone: 0717-6320540, 6320550
  E-mail: 612
  WeChat number: public HSTnews (sea sound science and technology)

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